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Welcome to Fly Free: Exotic Animal Education and Rehabilitation. We believe that the key to protecting animals in the wild and in captivity is education. That's why we decided to start sharing our animals and our experience with you!  Located in San Diego, CA, we have over 20 different animals, 14 different species, and tons of cool experiences. We offer a look into these amazing creatures and their lives through our many different hands on experiences, as well as a "no questions asked" safe home to exotic animals looking for a second chance. If you are interested in a live presentation, or our rehabilitation program, please feel free to contact us by phone, email, Instagram, or facebook.  Thank you for supporting Fly Free: EAER.


Our Animals

Life is full of amazing creatures big and small! From amazing Amazon parrots that roam the jungles to the majestic prehistoric looking Iguanas, there are so many strange and beautiful animals our world has to offer.

Meet exotic animals from around the world! We have Parrots, Boa Constrictors, Bearded Dragons, Blue Tongue Skinks, Chameleons, Geckos of all sizes, Iguanas, Chickens, Tortoises, and so much more! All our animals are hand tame and our experiences are a safe and fun way to meet some of the worlds most unique animals.


Fly Free: Exotic Animal Education and Rehabilitation Mission Statement:

“To educate people about the beauty of animals, the importance of conservation, and to help save the Wild World.”


What We Do

We strive to educate people on exotic animals, conservation, and animal caretaking


Educational shows and Presentations

A hands on educational showing for large groups or parties

Whether you need us for a classroom show, birthday party, wedding, or any other event, we've got you covered! With this interaction, we take our animals to you and provide a hands on experience for you and your guests.

Shows and show animals vary 

Animal Interaction Program

A fun hands on experience with some of our animals

This program allows guests to have a personal one on one experience with our animals, in a beautiful second story open studio. This is perfect as a family experience, for a couples date, or just as a fun experience for adventurous individuals. 

Shows and show animals vary

Rescue and Adoption

We offer exotic Pets a second chance and a second home

We offer a no-fee rescue program for exotic animals, which means we never charge any fees to surrender an animal regardless of vet costs or other factors. We guarantee care and a good home for any exotic animal we take in. If you are interested in adopting please visit our Facebook page to see a list of adoptable animals. 

Space is limited and we cannot guarantee a spot is available for your particulate species.

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